Arts, Culture, and Music (Art around every corner)

Tempe is also home to a vast range of art, culture, and music. No matter if you have a burning passion for arts and culture, experience theatre life occasionally, or have a strong artistic desire for elegant or groovy, you’ll find something to fit your style in Tempe.

To name a few, the ASU Art Museum, Ceramics Research Center, and Tempe Center for the Arts are just minutes down the road and offer everything from contemporary art to photography to ceramics created by national, global, and local artists. In addition, Tempe Town Lake, local bus stops, the Arizona State Campus, and A Mountain offer a great opportunity to explore the surplus of public art surrounding the Tempe area.

Tempe offers a variety of opportunities to enjoy a night filled with music, good vibes, and entertainment. There are numerous ways you can enjoy the excitement and entertainment that await in Tempe. One way is to spend time in the Mill Avenue District, a pedestrian-friendly downtown just west of SCNM that captures the spirit of a college town. Nightlife venues and shops make the Mill Avenue District a popular destination for people all over the country. 

In addition to the Mill Avenue District, live music can be found all over Tempe. A few places to mention are Rula Bula with an open mic on Tuesday’s, acoustic night every Wednesday at Chop Shop, and opera style performances at the Tempe Center for the Arts. Looking to clear and entertain your mind for a few hours? The ASU Gammage Theatre offers incredible award-winning Broadway shows like Wicked and Rent.

However, maybe you might be looking for a concert atmosphere to let go of the stresses from the day. If so, the perfect place for you is the Marquee Theatre. The Marquee Theatre is a small sized music venue that has hosted over 1,500 touring bands and music groups in the last 15 years. Furthermore, it has hosted Katy Perry, Adele, Prince, Green Day, and more. No matter the entertainment preference, Tempe is the perfect place to spend time unwinding from the everyday tasks of a medical school student.