SCNM is proud of creating an environment and a support system that promotes student learning, program progression and career development. SCNM offers students the Doctore’ Development Center, a tutoring center where students can receive quality tutoring on any subject, a 5,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art medical library and more than 17 student study rooms for group and team-based learning.

Our faculty and administration includes a full-time learning specialist dedicated to student learning and program progression, a dean of faculty and instruction, and a director of assessment–all devoted to a continually improving, vibrant program of study that is delivered through quality instruction. Finally, SCNM leads the profession with a full-time career services director who is dedicated to connecting graduates with that dream career.

Working at SCNM - More Than a Paycheck

Working a limited number of hours during school can support your academic performance and demonstrate your (removed some verbiage here) ability to succeed in a professional setting. Due to the rigors of the ND program, we don't recommend that you work a lot of hours, but most students find once they get acclimated to medical school they can comfortably work a few hours a week.

To be eligible for on-campus positions, students must be matriculated in a SCNM degree-granting program, enrolled at least half-time in classes and be able to present original identification that satisfies the requirements of Form I-9. International students must have a visa that permits them to work in the United States.

Types of Student Employment

Federal Work Study (FWS): Work part-time in the library, research department, medical center laboratory, or other departments within the college. You may also assist faculty and students as teaching assistants or tutors. Positions change quarterly. Contact the SCNM Financial Aid Office at 480.222.9202 or finaid@scnm.edu for more information. Interested students should complete a free application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and must have received, and accepted, financial aid through the FWS program.

Hourly Employment: There are also non-federal work study opportunities available to students. These positions are available through the SCNM Human Resources Department directly. Positions are regularly posted here.