The power of community

Maybe it’s the Arizona sunshine, the welcoming faces of the faculty and staff, the excitement and energy of the students, or the profound passion for naturopathic medicine found in every corner of the campus, but there is definitely something about SCNM that inspires those that set foot on campus. Imagine being part of this community with a shared purpose dedicated to the study and celebration of holistic health and healing. It’s exciting, isn’t it?  

Our students are actively involved in extracurricular activities, organizations and research projects that further the field of naturopathic medicine. With more than 15 student clubs and organizations, the Student Government Association, community outreach programs, student involvement in research, and more, SCNM provides countless opportunities that promote leadership, educational growth, social and cultural experiences, as well as terrific professional development and networking opportunities. We guarantee your life outside of the classroom will be memorable and packed with fun adventures.

The First Year at SCNM

New Student Orientation: Your first week at SCNM arms you with the knowledge you need to hit the ground running when classes begin! Explore the campus and medical center and get to know your classmates who will become your family for the next four years. 

During New Student Orientation, you will:

  • Get to know SCNM faculty and staff who will support you throughout your journey
  • Learn how to succeed in your classes and manage your finances during school
  • Explore student clubs, organizations and support services available at SCNM

Natural Advantage: Natural Advantage, a component of New Student Orientation, is an innovative pre-matriculation program that prepares you for the rigors of medical school. Modeled after similar programs offered at top-tier allopathic medical schools, Natural Advantage is the first of its kind in naturopathic medical education. 

The program will give you an overview of what to expect in your first year and the tools, including study skills and techniques to boost your success in the first year. Throughout the week you'll have the opportunity to build early connections with fellow students, faculty and staff.

Throughout the program, guest lecturers from the college and medical center share their knowledge on how to optimize the students’ experience in medical school.  Many students have expressed that the experience was invaluable to their naturopathic medical school experience.

Student Mentors: Making connections with fellow students is important to your success in the ND program! To help foster those relationships, we match every first-year student with an upper class student who has common interests so you always have a resource to help answer your questions about academics, resources at SCNM or life in the valley. 

Community Service

People drawn to naturopathic medicine feel a calling to help others. Whether it’s helping patients improve their health or serving their local community, SCNM students know the value of giving back. You will have an opportunity to make a positive difference through the community service part of our program.

The SCNM Community Involvement Program not only benefits the community, but also you as a student. Building your network and gaining new experiences is very important as a student. The 45 hours required for graduation will be pivotal in making these connections.

The opportunities are endless! Here is a list of sample activities that qualify as community service hours:

  • Help with SCNM campus events
  • Volunteer at a local organization like an AIDS treatment center or a substance abuse rehab center
  • Organize a blood drive, toys-for-tots collection, or other event benefiting the community
  • Tutor or mentor new and prospective students
  • Work with admissions and marketing to help spread the word about naturopathic medicine 

If you have any questions regarding what kind of activity counts for community service, please email the Dean of Students.

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