Our number one focus is you...the medical student

Everything we do at SCNM considers, “How will this benefit our students? How will this better prepare them to be competent and confident physicians?” SCNM’s innovative curriculum prepares you for your career with the broadest education and the most clinical experience through student-centered learning and patient-centered care.

We seek students that are highly motivated and eager to learn. To ensure that our students are getting the best medical education that is relevant in the ever-changing landscape of healthcare, we are constantly evaluating our curriculum, employ a full time instructional designer and undergo a rigorous accreditation process and academic assessment. 

Our dedicated faculty make your success their number one priority. SCNM maintains the lowest student-faculty ratio (6:1) among all naturopathic colleges. This ensures that you receive the highest level of instruction during your medical school journey. 

SCNM is constantly looking for ways to improve your experience as a student

We are proud to be a school of "firsts" in naturopathic medical education. SCNM was the first to:

  • Revise naturopathic medical education curriculum to reflect the best practices in medical education
  • Offer Natural Advantage, a medical school prep program to give you a successful start to your journey
  • Implement electronic health records (EHR) for patient care
  • Hire faculty and staff who specifically focus on your education – a learning specialist, an assessment director, an instructional designer and a dean of instruction
  • Support two medical centers on campus both focused on natural therapies and regenerative health
  • Provide a 5,000 square foot library with a focus on student study space and materials

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