Erik Nelson

Erik Nelson


Third year


 Calgary, AB, Canada

Favorite thing about SCNM:

 The professors, students, and administrators that make up the SCNM community.

Favorite hangout near campus: 

Mesa Riverview, which includes a shopping complex with places to eat, work out, and hang out by the water.

Campus involvement:

 Curriculum Committee Member

Something unique about you:

 I grew up competing in obscure sports like water polo, ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, and triathlons.

Modality/population area of interest:

Why you love naturopathic medicine: 

Naturopathic medicine is patient centered care that truly works. Patient care and personalized therapeutics are chosen based on what is most likely to work for a particular patient at any one point in time, rather than by dogma, or insurance reimbursement.

What you love about Arizona: 

The weather, landscape, and endless opportunities to camp, hike, and explore the great outdoors.