Jaclyn Bain

Jaclyn Bain

Assistant Professor of Naturopathic Medicine Chair, Department of Pre-Clinical Studies

About Me:

Happiness and gratitude are cornerstones in my life.  I love spreading positivity and teaching patients and students how to incorporate a positive mindset.  In my spare time, I enjoy volunteering monthly with Naturopaths Without Borders, yoga, hiking, and spending time with my dog.


Secondary Emphasis:

My Mission: 

I am passionate about empowering my patients through education, understanding, and healing.  I believe in the body’s innate ability to heal itself and appreciate providing my patients with a wide array of naturopathic and conventional treatment options as well as starting pediatric patients on a path of lifetime wellness.

Top Achievements: 

Three preceptorships in pediatrics with a focus in autism.  Certified in Heavy Metal Chelation Therapy (International IV Nutritional Therapy).  Certified as a Naturopathic Environmental Medicine (SpiritMed).

Professional Associations: