Teacher Appreciation Day: Thank You to Our Faculty

May 8th is Teacher Appreciation Day, so SCNM would like to extend our thanks to our dedicated faculty for all that they do.  Our faculty challenge our students intellectually through innovative coursework and hands on learning.  They do an excellent job of preparing students for their NPLEX exams, which is reflected in SCNM's excellent pass rates.  More importantly, they do all of this with genuine interest in their students' success, going above and beyond to ensure each student receives the attention they need.

SCNM President and CEO, Dr. Paul Mittman, would like to share the following message.

"This Teacher Appreciation day, please take the opportunity to acknowledge members of the SCNM faculty for educating and training a new generation of naturopathic physicians, for helping restore patients’ health and for researching new frontiers in natural therapies. SCNM faculty’s many years of teaching experience, whether in the classroom, exam room, or both, offer students an unparalleled opportunity to acquire the essential knowledge, skills, inquisitiveness and confidence to become effective doctors in this complex time. SCNM also benefits from a  Faculty that keeps current on healthcare’s many changes, and eagerly adopts new pedagogies.  

Please join me in saying thank you to every full and part time faculty member for your commitment, dedication and hard work."