SCNM Students' NPLEX Scores Continue to Rise

Before naturopathic medical students are allowed to enter clinic, they must first pass the NPLEX I, a rigorous exam consisting of 200 items covering the topics of anatomy, biochemistry, genetics, physiology, microbiology, immunology and pathology.

Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine is pleased to announce a 96% pass rate for students who sat for the NPLEX I board exam in February 2018. SCNM’s pass rate of 96% includes both the disease/dysfunction and structure/function sections. The pass rate for all naturopathic medical schools was 85% for disease/dysfunction, putting SCNM at an 11% higher pass rate than the average. The pass rate for the structure/function section for all schools was 71% putting SCNM at a 25% higher pass rate than average. The comprehensive mastery for all the schools combined was 70%, placing SCNM at a 26% higher pass rate than the average.

We want to congratulate our students as they put in the time and effort in preparation of sitting for their NPLEX I board exam. SCNM would also like to thank our faculty for dedicating their time and energy to ensure students are prepared for exams.