98%: SCNM Students' NPLEX Scores Continue to Rise

Congratulations to the SCNM students that took the NPLEX Part I in August for your amazing pass rate of 98%.  To put this in perspective, the average pass rate of all the naturopathic schools for this testing period was 81%.  This 17% difference marks one of the largest in school history.  

SCNM graduates that sat for NPLEX Part II in August had an 88% pass rate, up from 86% the previous August.

Thank you to the students for putting so much effort into your studies.  We would also like to extend a special thank you to our distinguished faculty for all that they do to prepare each and every student not only for their exams, but for life as an ND as a whole.  This 98% pass rate is indicative of the hard work and dedication displayed by the entire SCNM community each and every day.