Discovery Day

Explore the medicine and experience what life will be like as a student at SCNM. Challenge your mind, engage your heart, and begin to change lives through naturopathic medicine. Visit the campus on Discovery Day, Saturday, October 26th, to discover why more students choose SCNM than any other naturopathic medical school in the United States.

Explore the Medicine
- Hear case studies about how naturopathic medicine is changing patients’ lives
- Learn how the Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine is the future of medicine


Explore Life as an ND
- Meet successful alumni and hear how they built rewarding careers after SCNM
- Learn how SCNM’s curriculum prepares you for success after graduation

Explore SCNM and Student Life
- Hear from current students for a glimpse into their daily lives
- Experience the anatomy lab and botanical gardens – and learn how both are integral to our hands on program

Tour the campus with SCNM students to experience our medical center, the Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine, high-tech library, classrooms, lab rooms, hydrotherapy suite, herb garden, and cadaver lab.