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12News’ 12 @ 12 – Dr. Volk Video Interview

Wednesday, April1 – 12PM

12News has asked us back and this time will be featuring Dr. Volk who will share tips for a successful telemedicine visit. Tune in on Wednesday, April 1 at noon on 12News’ 12 @ 12
Want to watch online? https://www.12news.com/video/news/live_stream/kpnx-live-stream/75-1696792

In the Media


Dr. Langland and Dr. Kadar were on Hubbard radio stations on Sunday, March 29.

  • Dr. Langland - COVID-19 Effects and Prevention
  • Dr. Kadar -  Foods to Boost Immune Systems

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FOX10 – Dr. Katie Stage Phone Interview

Dr. Stage was on FOX10 AZAM Saturday, March 28 to chat with AZAM about the outdoors and stress relief.

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3TV's Good Morning Arizona – Dr. Kimberly Volk TV Appearance

Dr. Volk was on 3TV’s Good Morning Arizona show on Saturday, March 28 to share the dangers of DIY dosing and how toproperly use supplements

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Dr. Jonas provided expert commentary for the article “11 Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety” in the Vegetarian Times.

Read the article:


FOX10 – Dr. Langland TV Appearance

Dr. Langland talks about what could happen to COVID-19 with Arizona temps heating up.

Dr. Stage shares her do’s and don’ts to safely exercise outdoors and relieve stress. 

Dr. Jonas had an article published in AZ Big Media entitled: “Combat COVID-19 stress: Tips for meditation at home”

Read the article: https://azbigmedia.com/lifestyle/combat-covid-19-stress-tips-for-meditation-at-home/

Dr. Langland provided expert commentary for the article “This is What Happens to Your Body When You Get Coronavirus” on the Eat This, Not That website

Read the article: https://www.eatthis.com/coronavirus-body/

The Daily Dose

01: Dr. Paul Mittman on COVID-19

Our very first guest is President and CEO of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Paul Mittman. In this episode, we chat with Dr. Mittman about self-care and why everyone should have access to in order to maintain wellness. He also shares his Top 3 Tips for a healthy mind and body during the COVID-19 pandemic. Tune in and stay well!

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Episode 02: Jill Drowne, M.Ed on Meditation for Anxiety

Our guest on Episode 2 is Jill Drowne, Learning Specialist at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. We chat with Jill about mindfulness and why giving yourself time to reset actually creates the healthiest environment. As a special treat, Jill leads us in a meditation (9:03). Please feel free to share this podcast as a resource for anyone who may be feeling anxiety or stress.  Tune in and stay well!

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03: Dr. Lauren Salisbury on Home Hydr…

Episode 3 features Dr. Lauren Salisbury, ND, MS. An adjunct faculty member at SCNM and a physician at the SCNM Medical Center, Dr Salisbury shares her surprising background, gives tips on emergency preparedness, what you can do if you're immune deficient, and teaches us a bit of magic... through socks! Tune in and stay well!

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04: Dr. Erik Nelson on How to Get U…

Working from home now? This episode is for you! Our guest for Episode 4 is Dr. Erik Nelson, a personal fitness trainer and resident physician at Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine on the SCNM campus. Dr. Nelson focuses on non-opioid pain management, personalized nutrition, chronic disease reversal, and regenerative medicine. An avid triathlete, Dr. Nelson tells us about his stretching routines help decrease the risk of injury and walks us through a quick and easy move to get your muscles and blood flowing at your desk. Tune in and stay well!

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05: Dr. Dawn Jonas on Combating Anxiety

In episode 5, Dr. Dawn Jonas shares the importance of keeping our brains in the present to help combat anxiety. A naturopathic physician and former trauma counselor, Dr. Jonas teaches us a few games and breathing exercises she uses with her patients we can use. Tune in and stay well!

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06: Dr. Lilia Feria on Positive Fuel for your body

Dr. Lilia Feria joins us in episode 6 to tell us about her work at the Roosevelt Health Center, one of SCNM Sage Foundation's community clinics. She gives us some tips on eating healthy while maintaining a strict budget, what her patients have been asking her during this pandemic, and she teaches us how to fuel our bodies for success. Tune in and stay well!

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Dr. Shaun Kennedy join us in episode 7 to talk to us about why nutrition plays such a vital role in a person's health. He goes into detail on why carbs, fats, and proteins are essential for the human body and gives us his take on what foods people should be eating during this pandemic. Tune in and stay well!

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Episode 8 features Dr. Sarah Trahan who shares the science behind immune systems and how our bodies try to fight off viruses. She gives us some tips on how to keep our hormone levels in tip-top shape while we all adjust to this new normal. As a physician at the Neil Riordan Center for Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Trahan also shares a few of ways to help with pain management and injury prevention.  Tune in and stay well!

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