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Dr. Seenauth Talks About Pain Relief on AZTV


Here at the SCNM Pain Relief Center (PRC), our approach differs from the conventional methods of treating pain such as opiods and NSAIDS. The naturopathic approach to pain relief is to find the source of discomfort and then treat the root cause accordingly. Narcotic pain medication blocks pain, but does not heal what is causing it.  Furthermore, narcotic pain meds come with a number of negative side effects including the potential for addiction.  This is why we love to introduce patients to regenrative injection therapy.  

Regenerative injection therapy has a number of benefits. In terms of recovery time, regenerative injection therapy is much more efficient than surgery. Usually within a day patients are back to doing daily activities.  Any injury can respond well to injection therapies, and they can be used on a broad spectrum of patients, be it a serious athlete with a knee injury, or an elderly person suffering from back pain.

Check out this interview with Dr. Casey Seenauth that was featured on AZTV's morning show The Daily Mix.

Regenerative injection therapies offered at the SCNM PRC include:

  • Prolotherapy
  • Stem Cells
  • PRP
  • PDA
  • Perineural Injection Therapy